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Master Thesis

If you have developed an interest in issues regarding personnel economics during the course of your studies, you are welcome to write your thesis at our chair. You have the opportunity to apply your acquired knowledge to a current question in personnel economics research. In addition to that, you will have the chance to gain further thematic and methodic expertise that will enhance your qualification for further activities in practice as well as in research. 


Principally we would like the candidates to make their own suggestions concerning the topic of their thesis. The topics can be very diverse. We offer classic literature-based theses as well as theses which empirically address cuurent questions in research. This includes studies based on corporate data, or survey data like the Sozioökonomische Panel (SOEP) or the Betriebspanel des Instituts für Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung (IAB). 

In certain cases students can design and conduct laboratory experiments on their own. 

Besides, we gladly supervise model-theoretic theses that deduce an economic model and discuss it critically. 

A current list of topics we have compiled can be found here (last change: 22.11.2017).

We also welcome practice-oriented ideas for topics, especially in cooperation with a company.

Here you can find examples for topics of former theses that were written at our chair: Overview of former diploma theses.

You are welcome to discuss your ideas during the office hours with our assistants before you submit your application. 


The assignment of master theses at the chairs of Prof. Dr. Ebers, Prof. Dr. Irlenbusch and Prof. Dr. Sliwka takes place through ILIAS.

You will find further information in ILIAS. After a successful application we will let you know which your assigned chair and supervisor will be.


After a successful application for writing your thesis with us, an assistant from our seminar will accompany you as an advisor during the whole processing time of your thesis. Usually, the processing period for the master thesis amounts to 6 months. 

Further information

The length of the master thesis should not exceed 45 pages for the main part. Including appendix and directories the page number of pages may reach up to 60 pages. Please use our compulsory template

Examination rules of the faculty can be found here: Prüfungs- und Studienordnungen

If you have further questions concerning theses at our chair, you are welcome to contact Jun. Prof. Dr. Matthias Heinz.