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Ausgewählte Veröffentlichungen

  • Article in the nature of human behaviour journal 03/2017: "Economics: Slow and steady" about an experiment by Dirk Sliwka and Peter Werner examining how workers' performance is affected by timing of wage increases.

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  • J. Brosig-Koch, H. Hennig-Schmidt, N. Kairies-Schwarz, & D. Wiesen (forthcoming). Using artefactual field and lab experiments to investigate how fee-for-service and capitation affect medical service provision, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. [PDF]

  • Heinz, M. & Swinnen, J. (forthcoming). Media Slant in Economic News. Economic Letters. [PDF]

  • Goesaert, T., Heinz, M. & Vanormelingen, S. (forthcoming). Downsizing and firm performance: Evidence from German firm data. Industrial and Corporate Change. [PDF] 

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