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Bachelor Seminars

Photo: Fabian Stürtz

General information

Our chair offers a bachelor seminar every semester.

In addition to the provided literature, students should independently search for further relevant studies and summarize and discuss them critically in light of the underlying question of the specific topic. The final grade is based on the seminar paper and a presentation conducted in groups. The language of the course is English.


  • The number of the participants is limited to 30 to ensure the atmosphere of a seminar.
  • Application and assignment take place only through KLIPS. Additionally,
    all students must submit a participation declaration to the department's office. This declaration has to be handed in on time for binding registration and to ensure a spot in the seminar.
  • Please find the SoSci Survey Tool here.

Scope and type of the seminar report

The report must be submitted digitally to our department.

Formatting Guidelines (use is mandatory!) Microsoft Word (English)
Tips for writing a academic paper PDF-File