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Requests for letters of recommendation

If you are considering requesting a letter of recommendation from the seminar for personnel economics, please note that we can only issue a meaningful letter discussing your qualification if we have gotten to know you personally through participation in a seminar or completion of your thesis at our chair. In all other cases we are only able to disclose the ranking of your grades

Requests for letters of recommendation should include the following information:

  • Course(s) offered by the chair that you attended;
  • Overview of grades and CV in PDF format;
  • Purpose of the letter of recommendation (e.g. application for masters-level studies, application for studies abroad)

If you are intending to use the letter for an application to another university, please consider that other universities typically only accept letters of recommendation if they are sent directly by us (or uploaded online) or if you include the letter with your application in a sealed envelope. Depending on the format you require, we also need the following information:

  • Sealed envelope directly to the universities: please tell us how many copies you need and include the mailing addresses of the universities.
  • Scanned letter: please give us the email address where the letter should be send or the website where it can be uploaded.
  • Form: please send us the form to be filled out and where it should be forwarded to.
  • Online form: please send us the link to the form.